2 Keys to Mixed-Level Tap Class Management

Bored and Overwhelmed students in the same class?

How we respond to these challenges can truly be "make or break" for our Tap program, so as Tap Teachers, we need to be prepared to support our students in tangible, meaningful ways. 

Here are 2 keys to doing just that (at around 3:15). Check out this short video blog BELOW to learn more. 

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Tap Teacher Training Quiz...You ready?

In your mind, Tap Teacher Training might go in that "would be nice" section of your never-ending to-do list.

But might Tap Teacher Training really be a "MUST" for you? A "NEED"? A "GAME-CHANGER"? 

Since I started the Tap Teachers' Lounge in 2018, I've seen first-hand that Tap Teacher training is the most powerful way for a Tap teacher to bring out fresh enthusiasm for Tap dance in their students, and a deeper sense of accomplishment, inspiration & confidence in the Tap teacher who truly commits to the training process. 

So, if you're wondering if Tap Teacher Training might help you,

here's a quick checklist for you to help you answer this question. 

1) You have a hard time clarifying the MUSICALITY aspects of your lesson planning.

If your current lesson plans are too "step-focused", then you're missing the other wing of the bird. Without the "musicality wing" of Tap class, you'll find that you're constantly hitting several walls. The depth of Tap...

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